Pumpkin All the Things Lunch

It finally felt like Fall this weekend! It got down to 58 Saturday night! 58! I think that’s a record for where I live. 😉 It’s supposed to be back up to the high 80’s this week, but we had one good night. I can’t WAIT for serious Fall weather! I was going to make another pumpkin-y treat for the lunchboxes today, but I was taking care of my sick Bigs. He’s all better now and it’s back to business tomorrow (and I may even find time to bake).

Here is his school lunch for tomorrow:


I toasted one TJ’s pumpkin waffle and put TJ’s pumpkin cream cheese and TJ’s pumpkin butter on it (my Bigs is pumpkin obsessed, I have no idea where he gets this from). I also packed a baby plum (his current favorite fruit – I was so excited to see these mini plums at Publix), some red grapes and pineapple, seasoned corn, a string cheese, and a TJ’s mini pumpkin pie.


Don’t judge.

Also don’t judge how much food is in this lunchbox. My kid eats a lot.

Have a blessed day!


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