Hi! I am Kristin. I have small (big) obsessions with desserts, the Giant Squid, flamingos, watermelon, cafeteria food, sprinkles, shoes, 90’s music, discount shopping, reading, sweet tea, and Jesus, and not necessarily in that order. I believe that God sent His son to die for my sins and I plan on making myself worth that sacrifice for the rest of my life. He has blessed me more than I deserve. I am married, and together, we have two rad little boys, aged 5 and 3, a beta fish, an 8 year old dog with an underbite and allergies, and a hamster. They all keep me very busy. I used to have a “day” job, but when my first son, Bigs, was born, I began staying at home with him. I’d fill my days watching TV and eating cake and chocolates playing with him and cleaning. Between play-dates and story-times, we would do a lot of baking together; me, taking on new culinary challenges, and him, jumping up and down in his bouncer in the kitchen. As he got older, I’d let him stir batters, whisk eggs and fill cupcake tins (all to the demise of my Type A orderly personality). When my second son, Smalls, was born, I vowed to myself to continue my passion, even though I’d have an obvious lack in time. I have kept that promise, although it has been fulfilled in different ways. More on that later!

My desire to bake came in my early adulthood, where I found myself in a strange spot in life. There were times I felt alone and lacking in purpose or talent (truth be told, I still am lacking in talent!) and dealing with my ever-present anxiety. I also had a major sweet tooth, going back to childhood, when I’d spend my allowance on candy at the mall (remember when they had those stores with the pink and blue logo?). I began baking to give myself something to do in my free time, to learn something new, to ease my general anxiety (you wouldn’t believe how carefully measuring out flour and sugar, cracking eggs and turning simple ingredients into something wonderful can take your mind off your troubles) and to appease my sweet tooth. I never thought that decision would give me more overall life confidence.

Fast forward to present times – I still find time for my baking, it’s my passion. But I have a new passion: kid food! I started when Bigs was able to notice that his PB&J were in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head instead of a square. It gave me real validation!  He loved it! When he started school, I discovered a new love for making themed lunches.

I finally decided to do this blog after years of going back and forth on the idea. It was a big decision for me. It makes me feel vulnerable and puts my normally private life “out there”.  I am not looking for anything fancy or to make it big. I am not a professional. I don’t write too many recipes, myself. I just want a place where I can ponder life and food and learn more about myself, because each piece of me that I discover makes me feel a little bit more whole.

Thank you for stopping by!


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